Volunteer at Fulcrum

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission at Volunteer Fulcrum is to work with individuals; families and communities to bot promote health and well-being and support recovery for those affected by addictive behaviours

    We will demonstrate and promote the values of; honesty, integrity and ethics, respect, equality and Inclusivity, teamwork and partnership, safety, health and the environment, growth and development, leadership and professionalism.

  • Our Charitable Purpose

    The organisation’s charitable purpose is the advancement of citizenship or community development, through the promotion of volunteering.

  • Volunteer Services

    Volunteer Fulcrum works to provide the following to the people of Middlesbrough and the surrounding communities;

    • high quality, specialist training, management and supervision for all volunteers, ensuring their roles are fully integrated into the organisation.
    • a wide range of therapeutic services to support people with addictive behaviours
    • a range of support services to expand and enhance the care provided to people with addictive behaviours
  • Opportunities and Support

    Volunteers will lead on and support the delivery of a range of services and activities including; the facilitation of group sessions aimed to support specific substance misuse for  individuals, couples and families, re-engagement services to assist those who have relapsed and need urgent access to addictive behaviour services, telephone advice and support for,  access to healthy lifestyle services, supporting people undergoing detox with personal homes visits, telephone support and information and advice, provision of basic social skill training and clinical support.


    The organisation is supported by staff from Fulcrum Medical Practice during its initial development. Their extensive experience in providing services to people with addictive behaviours their first-hand knowledge of their specific led to this ambition to realise the opportunities to expand and enhance the services provided, to support those that are statutorily commissioned.


    The organisation also benefits from the close working relationships that are in place with a wide range of voluntary and non-statutory organisations that provide services that people with addictive behaviours, including, services user led organisations and carer organisations.

  • A Developing Organisation

    Volunteer Fulcrum’s ultimate aim is for the organisation to be staffed and managed entirely by volunteers.


    Volunteers will receive the highest level of specialist training and support, work placement experience in a specialist area of healthcare and have a real impact on a person’s ability to recover from their addiction and be re-integrated into community and family life.


    The organisation has been established to meet the public need to:

    •  Overcome the lack of specialist support and training to encourage people to work with those who have addictive behaviours .
    •  Promote understanding of addictions.
    • Promote social inclusion and community engagement for people with addictions
    • Reduce stigma for those with addictive behaviours
    •   Provide life skills to enable recovery
    • Provide basic health and wellbeing opportunities for people with addictions.
    •  Provide skills and experience to enhance employment opportunities for both volunteers and clients.
  • Providing more for our clients and our community

    The additional resources provided by volunteers will allow for a more targeted and dedicated response to not only support existing service users but to engage with people affected by addictions. This will include young people, families and carers as well as those addicted to a range of substances including drugs (opiates, prescription, over the counter, club drugs, and stimulants) and alcohol.


    Volunteer Fulcrum aims to benefit the local community of Middlesbrough and the wider Tees valley area by attracting volunteers from the local area. These include; current and former service users, family members, carers, retired professionals, unemployed, students from local universities and colleges who are studying in the areas of; mental health, health and social care, business administration, digital design, student teachers with learning and training skills, health and social care workers who wish to expand their range of knowledge and experience in the addictions field, training organisations and staff from partner agencies who wish to work more closely with people with addictive behaviours.


    The service is recruiting volunteers through a range of methods including, publicity, events, mailshots and social media marketing. As a charitable organisation a range of fund raising initiatives are being planned to help support the provision of more services to help people with addictive behaviours recover from their addiction and re-integrate into their local community.





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Anyone who is interested in becoming a Volunteer or just wants to know more, please telephone us on  01642 354550 or e mail at info@fulcrummp.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.