Substance Misuse Services


Middlesbrough Specialist Prescribing Service (Opiates).

The Fulcrum provides a specialist prescribing service (Opiates) to Public Health and Wellbeing Middlesbrough Council as part of the Safer Middlesbrough Partnership. This service has been provided by our organisation for 12 years and uses a nurse prescribing  model to provide prescribing programmes including; opiate substitute prescribing (including oral methadone), opiate detoxification medication prescribing (Lofexidine) and a full range of health and well-being interventions.

Integrated Offender Management (IOM)

Specialist service provision through this contract includes the Integrated Offender Management Service (IOM), a partnership with the probation, police and prison services. Clients subject to Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRR) and/or Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR), or any other statutory orders, receive treatment including; a general health care assessment which includes interventions, either directly provided or through referral to other partners in the Recovery pathway. Interventions may include; health screening, injecting- related wound infection, blood borne viruses, overdose, sexually transmitted disease and dental health.

Psychosocial and Pharmacological Services (non Opiate drugs)

Fulcrum also works in partnership with a national service provider, to provide Psychosocial (therapeutic) and Pharmacological (prescribing) services in the Middlesbrough area.

Our organisation works with a number of local partner organisations under the umbrella of ‘Middlesbrough Recovering Together’ (MRT) to provide  evidence based prescribing interventions for non-opiate drugs and management of benzodiazepine dependence for chaotic, chronic drug misusers via a behavioural approach to detoxification combining pharmacological and psychosocial treatment.

This service also provides a full range of Clinical Community Alcohol Pharmacological interventions, including; Home/In Patient detoxification, relapse prevention, access to a range of psychosocial interventions and after care health support.

Adult Alcohol Recovery and Children and Young People’s Substance Misuse Service

Working in partnership with a national service provider Fulcrum provides pharmacological (prescribing) and psychosocial (therapeutic) services to support people to recover from alcohol misuse in Stockton. Fulcrum Nurses provide case management support including a range of clinical interventions, supported by a GP. Clients have access to a range of services including; clinically supported alcohol reductions, relapse prevention prescribing, community detoxification, hospital to home detoxification continuation, Inpatient assessment and referral and clinical aftercare support.

This service also works in partnership with a number of agencies to ensure support is provided to children and young people in relation to case management, pharmacological interventions and psychosocial interventions.





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