Welcome to Fulcrum Medical Practice LLP.

The Fulcrum Medical Practice is a specialist GP service and substance misuse service. We provide pharmacology services – prescribing and psychosocial – therapeutic services to support people to recover from their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Based in Middlesbrough we deliver services and provide treatment for approximately 1,000 people.

Accessible Services

The Fulcrum’s working knowledge and understanding of our clients and their needs means that we provide accessible services in a range of settings. This is to ensure convenience and maximise opportunities for client engagement and retention in their recovery plan.

Our opening hours include weekends and evenings and we have protected appointment slots to provide responsiveness and flexibility.

Our existing services are delivered as a community based clinical treatment service through a hub and spoke model. In addition to clinic provision from our central administrative base in Middlesbrough, we also provide satellite and outreach clinics and services at premises and locations including; pharmacists, community buildings and other provider locations.

Our Equality and Diversity Strategy, in line with current legislation, states our commitment to ensure that no exclusions on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation or physical and /or mental impairment. Specific services are provided and tailored to the needs of distinct client groups including; homeless, families, prostitutes, parents and young people.

Freedom Of Information

Please click here to download the Freedom of Information documentation


The core values for the organisation define the organisational ethos and will be demonstrated in the way we deliver our services. They are as follows:

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to all our clients through investment in the quality of our staff.
  • Through reflective practice, research and innovation we will continually seek to provide the highest standards of service to all our clients.
  • We will enable our clients to reach their personal goals by respecting and responding to their individuality through our client led service provision.
  • We will behave with integrity and uphold the highest standards of safe clinical practice for our clients, staff and partners.